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Architecture at Uber – An inside look at the technology – 25/6-2014

Architecture at Uber – An inside look at the technology – 25/6-2014

It is with pleasure that DSAU and Uber invites you to a Techtalk about the technologies they use to handle the large amounts of data, and fast growth, they have had.
This year Uber opened a development office in Aarhus, and want to promote the company among Computer Science students at Aarhus University.


25/6-215:05014 kl. 14:00-16:00
Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditoriet
Finlandsgade 23, Aarhus N

There will be served beer, cake, soda and coffee.

Registration (free) takes place here.


Here is what Uber say about the talk:

This talk will dive into some of the exciting technical challenges in operating a 24×7 worldwide no-downtime system with real-time requirements, massive traffic, astronomical growth, and continuous deployment of new software features. In particular, we will focus on backend scaling challenges, e.g., high availability and throughput in a multi-datacenter scenario, similar to those faced by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We apply techniques such as schemaless databases, dynamic sharding, asynchronous loosely coupled software services, and clustered job queuing and event message systems to accommodate these challenges.

About Uber

Uber (wikipedia) is a transportation network company based in San Francisco.

Here is what Uber say about their company:

Uber is one of the fastest growing internet startups in the world. We create a marketplace seamlessly connecting users to drivers through our mobile apps, making cities more accessible, opening up possibilities for users and business for drivers. Uber’s rapidly expanding global presence in 35 countries continues to bring people and their cities closer.

The Danish Championships in programming

The Danish Championships in programming

The Danish Championships in programming will be held on the 6th of
October. As last year Netcompany will sponsor the event, and there will
be food and soda during the contest as well as snacks. After the
competition we will go through the problem set while eating pizza and
drinking beer/soda (which is also graciously sponsored by Netcompany!)

To prepare for this wondrous event there will be some practice sessions.
The sessions will take place on mondays between 14.30 and 17.30 where we
can hopefully use one of the three rooms Stibitz (117 seems to be
available). The first practice session will be on the 10th of September.
The practice sessions will continue until the championships and perhaps
longer if you are interested 🙂

Winning the championships will give your team a ticket to NWERC, usually
the university will send two teams for this event which is in the
Netherlands in November this year. To determine who gets to go, there
will be a qualification round where people compete on their own. The
qualification is held the saturday before the Danish Championships. More
information on this will follow in the coming weeks. We can however
already say that three of the six people that were sent last year are
now too old to compete, so there is definitely a good chance to qualify

Further reading:


The registration page for the danish championships will hopefully open


If there are any questions they may be directed to Jesper: